Corporate Jorney to the Cloud

The corporate cloud journey needs specific care, especially when internet systems are interconnected to the existing ERP. We are using the resources of cloud computing and concencing value in integrated network open source, return to public external, and with systems of ERP for restricted use, observing criteria of governance. security and availability.












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Expertise in cloud computing for medium and large enterprises

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud architects are experts at designing secure, high performance, resilient and efficient cloud infrastructure for your applications. We provide customers with guidance on implementing properly sized cloud projects and their application needs over time.
Cloud Administration

Cloud Administration

Companies in the digital cloud. Not only with their applications originally 'on-premise' but also creating business applications originally in the cloud. Whatever the solution, the requirements are the same: availability, agility and flexibility. Mission-critical support, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is essential.
Cloud BPO

Cloud BPO

We ensure outsourced services run by experienced professionals, cloud computing experts, and ready to execute specific processes of their daily lives, maintaining the level of excellence and bringing the experience to optimize the processes in the cloud.
SAP-BASIS Management

SAP-BASIS Management

Team formed by specialists, highly qualified and certified by SAP itself (HANA & NetWeaver 7.5). People with extensive experience in SAP implementation projects and administration of environments, as well as in upgrades and upgrade projects.
Hybrid Datacenter

Hybrid Datacenter

The value of moving applications to the cloud is undeniable. But for many organizations, the future of the cloud will be a hybrid, considering the effort to migrate is severe, and the journey will be long. Adding together the strength of cloud and 'on-premisses', hybrid solutions is fundamental in this process.


A complete set of security features available to anyone using the cloud. Full integration that streamlines and facilitates meeting security requirements, helping organizations take advantage of the operational benefits of the cloud.

Reducing Costs and Expenses in the Cloud

Adoption of cloud computing at the enterprise level also requires a strong change in IT department culture, with a focus on utilizing existing automation capabilities. If this does not occur markedly, the risk of increased spending is real. Change management is needed to adjust resource utilization.

The rational use of automation can generate an effective savings of 70%

We specialize in post-migration services with a focus on cost reduction. We have a strong functional vision, and we consider the characteristics of existing business processes, and we use cloud automation to achieve 60% to 70% TCO reduction, generating significant savings and optimum IT budget optimization.

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