Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

Back-up alone is not enough. We need to certify and ensure that in the event of a severe failure / incident, the recovery will be 100% secure, crystal clear and especially quick, without compromising corporate operations. We are not talking here only of simple copy of the instances, but of all the configuration of all the artifacts that make up the corporate environment. (IPs, traffic routes, general mapping of servers, ports, etc).

Automation in the generation of copies of all resources.

As our cloud backup tool designed specifically to manage INTEGRAIS automatic copies, allowing you to back up data as often as needed, and recover it faster than with traditional local backup solutions. All this in a simplified way, automating workloads and saving staff time and resources.

This way we can protect the continuity of the operation, following the rule of another one of “back up frequently” and “recover quickly”.


As its name implies, “cloud formation” deals with the formation of another area, identical and analogous to the main one, with all the artifacts, and updated according to the customer’s needs. In the event of a disaster, the restoration is ready to start. It is not necessary to perform technicians to remodel the rooms, since they are ready to operate.


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