Cloud Computing Specialists

Cloud Computing Architect

Certified technician in AWS, Azzure or GCP, who knows deep in the cloud resources and implements computational solutions for the most diverse solutions.
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Migration Project Manager for Cloud

Profound knowledge of the phases of a cloud migration project, with a high degree of ability to analyze business details and resources in the cloud.
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Cloud ERP Specialist

Profound knowledge in enterprise applications, aims to adapt the use of enterprise solutions to the cloud computing capabilities.
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SAP/Basis Netweaver & Hana Senior Consultant

Technical responsible for the installation, operation and performance of SAP solutions, as well as their upgrades and upgrades, combining the resources in the cloud for administration.
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Information Security Analyst

Responsible for protecting the corporate assets installed in the cloud, be they database or applications, non-scheduled external actions and unauthorized access.
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Cloud Systems Sustainability Manager

Administrator responsible for computing resources in the cloud, monitors and monitors operations, performing preventive diagnostics and promoting corrective actions.
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