We protect mission-critical applications and servers from large enterprises against breaches and disruptions. These solutions work together, providing integrated protection from top to bottom for the entire workload in the cloud. Greater confidence about the security of your data in the cloud.

Security Platform

A server security central is designed to simplify integrity operations in the cloud. Integrated modules provide a unique anti-malware solution, firewall, IDS / IPS, web application protection, health monitoring and log inspection.

We automate security management and offer “on-demand” billing so you can focus on your priorities, such as increasing value for your customers.

Mitigation of DDoS

Availability is of utmost importance in the cloud. We provide resilience to DDoS attacks.

A series of services supported by a detailed defense strategy, aimed at restricting DDoS attacks.

Services developed with an automatic DDoS response help minimize time to mitigate and reduce impact.

Cloud Resource Inventory

It offers a variety of tools to streamline work while ensuring that cloud resources meet organizational standards and best practices. That includes:

  • A security assessment service that automatically assesses applications for vulnerabilities or best practice divergences, such as networks, OS and connected storage impacted;
  • Inventory and configuration management tools that identify AWS features;
  • Tracking and managing changes made to these resources over time.

Monitoring and Login

Tools and features that let you see exactly what happens in the environment, including:

  • Detailed visibility of API calls, which includes the author, content, timing and location of the call;
  • Log aggregation options, simplified investigations, and compliance reporting;
  • Alert notifications specific events occur or limits are exceeded.

These tools and resources provide the visibility needed to spot problems on the spot before they affect the business and allow you to improve the security posture and reduce the risk profile of the environment.

Identity Management

We have the resources to define, enforce, and manage user access policies on AWS services. That includes:

  • Allows the definition of individual user accounts with permissions for the specific resources;
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for privileged accounts, such as options for hardware-based authenticators;
  • Native Integration with Identity and Access Management in several of its services, as well as API integration with any client application or service.


We have a key management and encryption solution that helps your customers protect the privacy of data in the cloud by ensuring that only authorized servers access the encryption keys.

Your customers have the control to set policies that determine where and when encrypted data can be accessed.

In addition, server validation applies identity and integrity rules when servers request access to secure stored volumes.

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