Hybrid Cloud – Local Resources & Cloud Features

For most companies with investments in local technology, operating on a hybrid architecture is a necessary element of the cloud adoption process, as migration of legacy IT systems takes time, and it is not possible to migrate to the cloud immediately.

Therefore, selecting a cloud provider that can help you implement a well-crafted hybrid strategy that does not require expensive new investments in local hardware and software is important to streamline operations and achieve business goals more easily.

We have a broad set of hybrid capabilities such as storage, networking, security, application deployment and management tools to facilitate cloud integration as a simple and secure extension of today’s investments.

Data integration
Hybrid computing can be seen as having data residing locally and in the cloud. This is typically done to economically store large datasets, use new, native cloud databases, move data closer to customers, or create a cost-effective, high-availability backup and archiving solution.

Integrated networks
Connect local and cloud resources using a common network to facilitate the creation of a single business environment. We can extend the local network configuration to the private virtual networks in the cloud so that the resources operate as if they were part of the current corporate network. It is also possible to extend physical connectivity to provide dedicated, uniform, and private networks between data centers and regions.

Identity and integrated access
The establishment of a single identity and access strategy usually accompanies the integration of networks. You can create and manage users, groups, and permissions, allow and deny access to resources, at an extremely detailed level. In addition, we offer managed services that enable you to connect local Microsoft Active Active Directory resources and policy management with tools you already have.

VMware Cloud runs directly on physical hardware to prevent nested virtualization, and at the same time, still benefits from a set of network and hardware features that support our design model, whose priority is security. In the same datacenters as the other services, it is possible to enjoy fast and low latency connectivity during the use of these services to improve or extend applications.

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