Performance Improvement

Corporate decisions need increasingly to be supported by data and computing information, and server investments keep pace with this speed. With the increasing number of users of the applications, allied to the advent of the internet, which provides access to the application via the web, it makes application demand and database grow exponentially.

Once in the cloud, we monitor your applications and automatically adjust the ability to maintain consistent, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost. We set up application scalability, and we create scalability plans for existing resources, optimizing performance and balancing costs.

Infrastructure Handling Agility

If the infrastructure is not swift in the same way, we invariably have the same servers, those that are plastered and limited, and are forced to load with a task level hundreds of times heavier and more complex.

The growth of workloads should always be proportional to the volume of processing required by the user. If this does not happen, the level of dissatisfaction increases.

Improve response time without investing more

Cloud computing was born to solve a number of problems, and perhaps the problem of ‘unsatisfactory response time’ is what the user of the application really feels on a day-to-day basis.

This is an unrivaled opportunity for IT to justify cloud investment, and to prove with numbers, facts, and in a 100% measurable way the payback provided by the cloud.

Quickly configure scalability: Scalability for all scalable features used by applications. You can see the average usage of all scalable features and quickly set the desired levels of usage for each group of similar features in a simple and intuitive interface.

Make scalability decisions with intelligence: Automate how different resources respond to demand changes. Easy-to-understand scalability strategies allow you to prioritize availability, costs, or a balance between the two. We create scalability policies and define goals according to your preference.

Automatically maintain performance: Continuously monitors the underlying features of the applications to ensure they operate at the desired performance levels. When demand peaks occur, it automatically increases the capacity of the restricted resources to maintain a high quality of service.

Estimate costs and avoid unnecessary expenses: Optimize the efficiency of use and cost of consumption of services. So you only pay for the resources you really need. When demand falls, we remove all the excess capacity of resources, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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