Professional Outsourcing (BPO)

We are experts in cloud computing, and we offer your customers the ability to allocate an expert AWS, Azzure and GCP expert for deployment and consulting, with a unique cloud focus. That way, your business is serviced by a team of consultants prepared. The consultant will remain in your company for as long as the system is operating efficiently and responsive to the demands that may arise, helping your team adapt to the system and offering SAP support.

Hourly Payments

Restricted budgets, savings, and reduced IT infrastructure spending are increasingly needed. When full consumption of FULL-TIME professional is not required, we offer the part-time allocation of resources, with hourly pay.

Competitive pricing and resource utilization only in a timely manner, giving the support and coaching needed to other professionals, providing expertise in driving the challenges in cloud computing.

 Remote Allocation

Provision of physical space in the office, time to integrate with other resources, expenses of accommodation of the professional and time spent on the trip make the consultancy face-to-face, sometimes with little agility.

We offer professional supply for remote attendance, full time, to carry out project activities and on demand support, without the need to open calls. A service model that provides agility and speed of response.

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