Professional Services Corporate Cloud

The advantages and benefits of technology are closely related to suitability. therefore, for the results to be noticeable and satisfactory, it is essential that the solutions are configured and implemented according to the demands and characteristics of your company.

Therefore, Petabyte has extensive experience in identifying what your real needs are and making recommendations appropriate to your IT reality. This way, your team gains dynamism and time to focus on the goals and development of improvements.

Corporate Cloud

We have cloud computing solutions formatted to serve businesses that need to ensure that their mission-critical systems have high availability and security. For this to happen, we know how important it is to have a managed cloud public infrastructure suited to your needs and your budget. We have extensive experience in critical environment management, and we are focused on hosting applications that require very high performance.

Know-how in ERPs

We act as technical consultants responsible for analyzing which type of application should be hosted in each cloud and managing it with quality. We help define the right cloud for each need, expanding the possibilities of hosting, management and results for each type of workload, optimizing performance, availability, security and costs, to always guarantee the best cost-benefit ratio of each application.

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