Reduced Hosting Costs

While on the one hand agility, ease, flexibility, reduced complexity, and greater ease of access to advanced features made the cloud the natural way, on the other hand, new needs arose for maintenance of control and cost reduction, identification of the areas and projects that use the resources in order to generate information about the return that allows to evaluate these investments.

While on-premises makes it easier to identify with the demanding area, project or cost center, now, when dealing with an intangible, easily accessible and flexible resource, other procedures should be adopted to allow for desirable control.


What has been noticed is that the ease of the adoption and use of resources collected per minute, and no longer acquired as fixed assets, can generate an additional difficulty for control, cost and its use.

In our dashboards we can see the status of Cloud usage expenses during the month, indicating the services that account for the majority of overheads, as well as understanding at a higher level what the cost trend is. You can also access a variety of other cost management tools that can help you better understand cloud costs and usage.

Make the most of your investment in the cloud

Manage cloud spend with transparency and accuracy. Cost Management helps you get the most out of the cloud by providing tools to monitor, allocate, and optimize cloud costs. By monitoring cloud spending, you track resource usage and manage cloud costs across all your clouds with a single, unified view while accessing advanced operational and financial insights to make informed decisions.



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