SAP Basis

Activities – BASIS

These activities have specific characteristics, which always require a more specialized and targeted level of service:

  • Very critical and complex activities because they involve the infrastructure of SAP applications.
  • Activities that require high technical knowledge in several areas of technology platforms of SAP applications.
  • Activities that require continuous improvement of know-how to follow the evolution of information technologies and technologies of SAP applications.
  • Routine activities that require continuous operation of SAP applications to ensure their full operation.

Benefits and Benefits – BASIS Area

Basis Area services provided to SAP customers add technological differentials, allowing the companies’ efforts to be focused exclusively on their business strategies and operations;

  • Continuous technical support and operation of the technological infrastructure of the SAP applications, guaranteeing total stability and availability of the SAP corporate services.
  • Constant monitoring of the evolutions and trends of SAP solutions and applications.
  • Increased efficiency of SAP services: task productivity, proactive technical support, activity planning, quality and commitment.
  • Optimization of investments in SAP resources and services: elimination of risks and failures in the SAP environment, reduction of costs through remote services, elimination of costs and risks with training and training of technical specialists, better use of SAP technology infrastructure.

BASIS Services Competencies

Team formed by highly specialized specialists, certified by SAP, pioneers in SAP implementation projects in Brazil, with experiences in international projects and with average performance of 05 years in the BASIS area ..

  • Immediate assistance in Disaster / Recovery situations, faults and errors.
  • Proactive monitoring and monitoring of SAP applications: platform and architecture operation, periodic checklist, performance & tuning analysis and capacity planning.
  • Modality of technical support levels: local support, remote support for occurrences and remote support for technical queries, operation of the customer’s SAP site, and management and technical advice for SAP implementation projects.
  • Total technical support for business users and SAP specialists.

Specialized BASIS Consulting Services

  • Basis Consulting for project implementation SAP ECC, S/4 HANA, APO, BW
  • Installing Solution Manager.
  • Installation / Administration Architecture XI/PI/PO
  • Dimensioning the technological infrastructure for SAP applications:
    • Sizing
    • Access profiles and authorizations
    • Data archiving: deletion and external storage
    • Technical support ALE solutions
  • Tuning
    • Performance analysis.
    • Capacity planning
  • Quality Assurance Service
    • SAP Environment Survey;
    • Basis Project Quality Assurance
  • Data Base Administration:
    • Technical support and database administration.
    • Reorganization of the database.
    • Database Manager Upgrades: RDBMS.
  • Software Logistics:
    • Installing SAP applications.
    • Upgrade versions of SAP applications.
    • Request management and control system.
    • Installing SAP applications.
    • Upgrade versions of SAP applications.

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