Slender – Reducing total cloud cost

Slender is a framework that solves the high cost because it reduces the total price of your instances in the cloud. A cloud configuration focused on aggressive resource economics. Have real decrease of your spending, making your monthly cost more attractive. All this in a simpler and more practical way.

Slender is not software. This is not a simple tool for cost management in the cloud, which demands expertise and constant vigilance from a highly specialized professional. Slender is a re-installation of the cloud focused on economy of aggressive features in ‘low-cost’ mode.


How it works

Slender constantly measures your cloud features and adjusts settings daily to low-cost mode. It identifies the processing ‘bottlenecks’ and points to a new cloud configuration in minutes, not missing any savings opportunity. An aggressive computational automation. A cloud orchestration that preserves and even enhances the user experience, but with savings of 60% to 80% guaranteed.

Why Slender

Because the final agreement of the Slender to Go-Live contract locks its cost in reais. In practice, the price that is valid is the contract, regardless of the use of the cloud. Now hire a solution that delivers the effective economy, and it prevents the infrastructure manager from having to explain any overspending due to more intensive processing. Do not go through budget constraints. Have a cloud cost without surprises, controlled, and suited your business reality.

Reduce the cost of running your applications

Proper sizing is a key mechanism for optimizing cloud costs. Activity often overlooked by organizations when they move to the cloud. They expect the right size and proper use only later. Speed and performance are often cost-prioritized, which often results in oversized instances and a lot of wasted unused resources. With Slender, you end the waste and make your journey to the cloud more cost-effective No unavailability, instability or loss of application quality.

Increase your capacity with the same budget

Improve the computing productivity of your applications with the same budget and activate new types of cloud computing applications. Slender performs correct sizing by adjusting the types and sizes of instances with the performance and workload capacity requirements at the lowest possible cost. It analyzes the deployed instances and identify opportunities to eliminate or reduce size without compromising capacity or other requirements, resulting in lower cost performance.

REAL Invoice Reduction

The Slender does not bring an ‘abstract’ or even ‘theoretical’ economy. The contract captures the amount in reais. Your invoice becomes smaller, and the new values (in Reais) are actually lower than the previous month. As soon as we complete the work of converting instances to ‘economic’ mode, cost per hour generation obeys contract values without surprises or hidden costs. This way you can keep your budget smarter and 100% predictable, given ever more demanding spending policies.

No need to hire monitoring

Managing costs is expensive. Identifying excess provisioning requires high technical capacity and high knowledge of cloud architecture. This significantly affects TCO, since the cost to maintain a professional of this level is high and should be included in the total cost of cloud management. With Slender, you do not have to pay a specialist to cut costs, or even keep track of allocated resource hours. The framework already includes the costs of skilled labor. The price is closed and the load of hours used does not affect the framework.

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