Who we are?

Petabyte is a cloud computing consulting company, providing infrastructure intelligence for enterprise applications. A team of IT architects focused on the digital transformation of large and mid-sized enterprises and specialist technology change management, cost optimization, application performance improvement and IT process automation.

Approach 360

We bring a holistic approach to the business transformations of our customers. Before designing and orchestrating innovative solutions that leverage Cloud technologies.
Our first step is to always understand what our customers are facing, along with compliance, governance, data, cyber risk and regulatory issues that may be relevant not only to meet but also to exceed expectations.

Cloud Experience

Leveraging the industry’s deep experience and cutting-edge cloud capabilities, we can walk you through the cloud journey step by step. Whether you want to start migrating existing workloads to the cloud or taking advantage of what the cloud has to offer with the development of native cloud applications right away, we’re ready to join. From improving your infrastructure and quickly migrating legacy applications to launching new native applications in the cloud and scale as your needs evolve.

Our values

This is what we believe …

  • We are a team of technology experts. We work together because we believe in the strength of our group. We are professionals with innovative attitude, young soul and visionary spirit.
  • We face our challenges without fear and with due respect. A jovial enthusiasm, accompanied by the necessary caution. We are resilient and pursue our goals relentlessly.
  • We like to ‘doubt the impossible’. We have simple and efficient ideas, with low cost, and of open quality. We believe that ‘the basics are beautiful’ and gives results. We discount the excess by going straight to the point.
  • We are ‘protagonists of change’. We have made positive and necessary digital transformations. We are not intimidated by the volume of work, nor by the complexity of deliveries. We defy ourselves, always.
  • We like people. Helping people is in our DNA. We cultivate the ‘joy of good delivery’, always solid and consistent. We always strive to do right, because this is the only way we have been trained to do.
  • We are mature in recognizing weaknesses and quick in accepting the lessons learned. We communicate frankly, modern and adult way, engaging agility in corrective actions.
  • We think before do, because our experience shows that ‘planning is essential’. We are unbeatable in orchestrated actions. Speed and fluidity requires skill, technique and dexterity.
  • We are democratic choice of decisions, and very firm in execution, following strictly agreed guidelines. Our strength is in delivering on the correct cost, on date and promised quality, meeting the expectations.
  • We like intelligent people. We appreciate the technical brilliance and the renewing spirit. We trust in the constant acquisition of knowledge. Study, didactics and organization are key to a reliable delivery.
  • We admire the work, the dedication and the personal effort. Success is the result of discipline and passion. We love our profession. We believe in the beauty of our dreams and in the battle of overcoming.

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